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  • My bean bag has become very dirty, how to clean it? (Read- How to clean a bean bag)
  • I have washed my bean bag and it is not drying now. What to do? (Read- How to Dry a wet bean bag)
  • Can I get an extra filling for my sagged bean bag? (Read- How to Empty and refill a bean bag)
  • Can I get fresh beans for filling. What to do with old beans? (Read- Refill for a bean bag)
  • I have an old bean bag. Can I buy a new bean bag without filling and use my old filling?
    (Read - Get a new Bean Bag Cover)
  • My kids have made ball pen marks on bean bags. Can those be removed? (Read- How to clean a bean bag)

How to Clean a Bean Bag :

Take a sponge or a cotton cloth. Moist it with a Mild detergent. Wipe it gently on the surface of
the bean bag. Finally dry it with a clean cotton cloth.

Some stains like Turmeric or Ball Point marks penetrates into the leatherite, they cannot be wholly
removed. You can apply Bleaching powder to reduce the stain to some extent.

Warning : Bleaching may fade out the original colour of the bean bag.
So select the area of application carefully.

Never wash / dip bean bag in water as water will enter inside throughthe seam holes and will wet the beans.

How to Dry a wet Bean Bag?

If some how you have got your beans wet , then open the hide away zipper at
the bottom of the bean bag. Pour out all the beans in a net bag / cotton quilt cover,
tie it carefully so that beans may not come out. Dry it in Sun or Dry Air.

Pull the bean bag inside-out. Dry it in Sun or Dry Air. Make sure the beans and the bean
bag both are completely dry. Bring the bean bag in original shape and pour the dry beans
back in to it. Close the zipper. (Read- How to empty and refill a bean bag)

How to Empty and Refill a Bean Bag ?

(2 persons required as shown in the picture )

You may need to buy a bean bag filling to either fill a new unfilled bean bag or add some
filling to existing bean bags.

Take your bean bag inside a closed room. Turn off the fan. Place a big sheet of cloth on the floor. Hold the bean bag upside-down. Open the hide away zipper at the bottom. Hold the opening as wide as possible. Make a little opening in the refill packet and pour the beans carefully and slowly. Make sure that 20% of the bean bag remains empty. Close the zipper.

An over filled bean bag lacks in providing comfort. In such a case remove some beans till you get your desired comfort.

Never throw away your old beans , just add fresh refills according to your need.

Refill for a Bean Bag :

After a period of time and depending upon the amount of use, you may find that your bean bag doesn't seem as comfortable and supportive as it once did. This is probably because the beans have been compressed or the fabric has relaxed.  The top-up Refill Pack will solve the problem.

Our refill packs come in 4 Cubic Foot packing.

Our 1 bean bag needs approximately 2 such packets for a complete fill.

Get a new Bean Bag Cover:

If your old bean bag has worn out or your are fed-up with the old design, you may buy a New Empty Bean Bag Cover only and use your old beans to fill it. We have a large variety of designs and colours and shapes in bean bags

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